The Handbook Of Love

The Handbook Of Love is a guide to living more fully, living happier, and loving unconditionally!

Bruce Thompson Jr. The Handbook Of Love

The Handbook of Love is a new and exciting book that captures and reveals the many dimensions, colors, and depths of love.

It takes you beyond the mere feelings, emotions, and sometimes confusion that love brings and propels you into a place of truth and power.

After reading the poetic prose and words of wisdom, you will get a clear picture of what love means and how to apply it to every aspect of your life.

The inspiring content will leave a long-lasting effect on you that will keep you going back to it repeatedly, until you have grasped the secrets and mysteries of love’s purpose.

It will help you establish strong relationships and help you to continue to grow into maturity, resulting in perpetual happiness.

The book is a perfect gift and fit for anyone in any season because love is always in season!

The Handbook of Love is available @ Tate Publishing Inc.

Bruce Thompson Jr.
Leader of Love