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Come Hear Your Future, Not Your Fortune!
Come Hear Something From the Other Side!


Better than Psychic Readings!

Real predictions that actually come true! Sometimes very quickly!

Need spiritual help? Need a mentor?

Get advice and wise counsel that brings clarity and accuracy to set you on the right path to your destiny!

Bruce Thompson Jr. is a gifted mystic and seer. He has over 19 years of experience helping others with direction in every area of their life: love life, marriage, children, spiritual life, business and career, breaking curses, demonic oppression, personal destiny, and even difficult relationships.

Need a creative muse?

Bruce has also helped bring clarity and direction to many in their entertainment and creative projects!

Bruce shared his unique gift on the famed Venice Beach in CA in 2008 and brought life-changing results to hundreds of people! He’s been heard on the radio both in LA and in New York and has held several conferences.

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Bruce is also available for speaking engagments, personal and corporate meetings.

You are invited to see for yourself how Bruce’s insight and wisdom are better than just physic readings!