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Love’s Revolution with Love Superstar Bruce L. Thompson Jr.!


The Revolution has begun in Hollywood; where the secret is out and love is in!


Your host: author, mentor/life coach, gifted seer, conference speaker, and friend Bruce Thompson Jr. of The Handbook Of  Love.

Whether you’re lost in love or you’ve never experienced real love, Bruce will be imparting universal truths to light love’s fire not just around you, but throughout all of your life!

Love turns ordinary people into celebrities!
Bruce will be talking to everyday people and new artists about their love life. Whether you need love in your cosmic atmosphere or just want to hear pure and original talent, then listen with an ear for love. Stay tuned for your love connection with Bruce L. Thompson Jr!
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Bruce Thompson Jr.:

  • Bruce is a quiet and contemplative soul. Yet, when he has the opportunity to speak publicly, he turns into a powerful voice for love! Not because he likes to talk, but because his gift flows and people are touched at what comes out!
  • He speaks words of accuracy about personal situations and world affairs.
  • Bruce is not the life-of-the-party type, but his insights make him the main attraction.
  • Bruce came to Hollywood 10 years ago to pursue his dream of acting and has a passion to help Hollywood find love.
  • Bruce will keep quiet until he has just the right word for you.
  • If you see one of his eyebrows arch like Duane “The Rock” Johnson, then you know he has something powerful and life-changing to share! After that, he goes back to his quiet, unassuming self.
  • If you had to describe Bruce with one word, it would be “mystery.” His words seem to come from a far, deep place, but yet fit right into the 21st century.
  • When you look at him, he doesn’t appear high-minded or haughty, but his words carry weight. He is a humble soul with a lot of thoughts that tower over others, because they come true.
  • How do you make sense of many people in a world of confusion?
  • Bruce will tell you the answer is LOVE!