My Interview with Pop Star Jaysin Voxx


Tell me a little bit about your journey in Hollywood leading up to your new release.

My journey has taken me all over the map. Discovering my voice was way more complex than I could have ever imagined. I feel more singers should spend time finding out what their voice truly is to become artists in music. I owe my whole swag and unrelenting drive to growing up in the Bay Area! The Bay really embodies what it means to grind and believe to achieve!

I love your new song; it is says exactly who you are as a person. How does an artist stay original in their creativity and still find success?

Thank you! I’m very blessed that more and more people everyday are getting to know and love my new song, “Cause Everytime!” It’s now been on the chart for the last three months. I wanted to delve into this concept of the “war of relationships,” the push-and-pull, the in-and-out. It’s me in music form, what I’ve been through. I believe everyone can relate. We all go through it and I wanted to create a song that would honestly represent the guy’s perspective; girls aren’t the only complex ones in this world (lol).

What are you are doing differently in the music world in comparison to others that gives you a sense of fulfillment and success?

The how to stay “original versus success” question is a very good one and on point. Like I was saying: it’s all about the journey. Should someone rush the process, looking for others to write and express how they feel, or take the risk and have the bravery to venture out and find their own perspective, expressed from their own pen? For me, it was never an option; if I’m gonna sing it and feel it, I have to write it! That’s real.

What point of view are you expressing with your music to the world?

Well, I’m definitely taking the road less traveled it seems these days. I have turned down numerous opportunities to be on TV game shows like The Voice and American Idol because even though this is a much quicker way to get known, speed is not always good for art. I’m also not down to be part of pay-to-play; it seems to be slowly dissolving what L.A. and Sunset once were. Music is art, or at least it should be once again, and I’m doing my part to care about EVERY LAST WORD I write. Just because it’s a club banger doesn’t mean the lyrics can’t grab and captivate.

The key to success for me is to remain true to myself and surround myself with positive people. I feel fulfilled in that I haven’t had to take these shortcuts to show my own artistic vision and now it’s paying off BIG! I believe people are inspired by hard work and determination and I can definitely confirm how much greater it feels when you do the heavy lifting! We still love and cherish songs from decades ago, and that tells me they did something right, and back then they didn’t even have any of the technology or options available that we have now. I just want to encourage all artists out there to continue to dream big; that’s what dreams are for!

I have a lot to say about love, success, happiness, and life, and I’m just getting started!

How does love affect your creativity in your music and lyrics?

Love affects everything I do, so it definitely impacts music as well. I find love to be such a nebulous word these days, the love of family, of a friend, of being something more than friends, or just caught up in the moment of falling in love with a girl’s booty, like I wrote in “Goddy Body” (hahaaaaa)! My newest single, “Cause Everytime,” is about exploring both sides of love: how trust and communication are so important, and without them, everything just falls apart.

Is there any specific philosophy about love that you follow for your own personal love life?

I’m a “Golden Rule” boy, so my philosophy of love is simple: give love, receive love!

Let’s VOXX the world!

Check out Jaysin’s latest single, ” Cause Everytime!”

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