My Interview with Fashion Designer Altaf Maaneshia

Altaf MaaneshiaAltaf Maaneshia

How does it feel to be the first Pakistani designer based in New York City to be featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week?

I feel great and I am happy that I will be representing a very positive image of Pakistan in one of the world’s biggest fashion week celebrations.

I attended LA Fashion Week last year, and I thought your collection was one of the best! As a designer for women, what inspires your collections?

I get inspiration from my surroundings. I like to make neat and trendy lines. I also like to focus on one specific element in each design.

What inspired this year’s collection?

This season’s collection is based on neat and clean cuts. I have used stripes and pointed cuts and I have used wool, tweed, satin, silk, taffeta, and leather, with a touch of silver accessories.

What do you hope to accomplish with your creativity and designs this year?

This year, I’d like to give my special attention to build a strong relationship with North American multi-brand shops and sell practical and trendy clothes.

How does your relationship with your wife inspire and help you as a designer?

A great life partner is a blessing and I think I am very blessed; her strong support makes everything easier for me.

What is next for Altaf?

I am working on multiple projects, one of which is this season we are launching an online store.

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