My Interview with The Love Mob’s Preston Smiles

25403_407993250708_2666014_nPreston Smiles

Who first told you about love?
I don’t remember, I just remember feeling it.

What does love mean to you?
Love is God and God is love. Love is ALL that exists. Everything else is an illusion.

Where do you see love in your life?
I see love everywhere. The job of the modern day mystic is to uncover GOD (love) in everything. It’s NOT about winning or losing but rather LOVING or failing to love.

When do you think love happens?
NOW. Love is ALWAYS happening; IT CAN’T NOT HAPPEN. The sun’s rays are love, the air we breathe is love, a flower blooming is love, the trillions of cells dancing inside us is love….it’s NEVER-ENDING!

Why is love important to you?
Love is the ONE truth we can ALL agree on. It’s the bridge and the common thread throughout humanity and nature. I feel it’s my job to radiate it as much as possible. To create an opening for HIGHER awareness, deeper truths, new ideas, and insights.

How does love affect your creativity?
When I’m in alignment with my true nature (love), my creativity is unending; it’s flowing freely like it’s supposed to. What’s available to Bill Gates is also available to me and you. We just have to put ourselves consciously in alignment with those avenues like financial abundance. Form follows consciousness. Thoughts become things. 🙂

Did you ever need help with love?
Help? NO. Support? YES! I ask for support consciously and subconsciously on a soul level. Sometimes it comes in the form of what I perceive to be a rude person or NOT-so-comfortable situation. But I know that it’s my SOUL helping me reach and stretch to a greater awareness of LOVE. Things don’t happen “TO” me, they happen “FOR” me.

Are you understanding love?
YES, from my level of understanding, but I know there are deeper levels of embodying and understandings to come. It’s beautiful; I call it “the work.”

Can love affect you to change? Has love lost or gained meaning for you?
A flowers purpose is to bloom. It starts as a seed and then cell-by-cell grows into its purpose – to grow, perhaps to bloom. The seed has all it needs to make this journey, including life. We are also here to grow. We’re not here to collect things, but to evolve into our true selves as expressions of the infinite good, to express our good, our talents, to be more than we imagine with LOVE (GOD) as our life. ~ Ernest Holmes

Preston is a leader of the “Love Mob,” part of the new Love Movement arising in Los Angeles and beyond!
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