My Interview with Poet and Professor Marcielle Brandler

Marcielle BrandlerMarcielle Brandler

Who first told you about love?
My little Christian church. I felt safe at my church, because that’s the only place where I got love.

What does love mean to you?
I am still learning what it means. Love begins with loving ourselves – having a healthy respect and pride in ourselves, which will spill over to others, being life and love to them. Love is sincerity – learning to examine our own behavior and improve it and trying not to dwell on the flaws of others. That is a huge challenge!

Where do you see love in your life?
I give love to everyone I meet. That includes students, colleagues, and strangers. Just anyone.

When do you think love happens?
Love doesn’t just happen. We must make a decision to LOVE and to overcome our uncomfortable moments and just GIVE it in any way we can. We must overcome our egos, too. Sometimes love is not returned to us by the same person to whom we’ve given it, and that’s when we need to just give, move on, and give again. The Universe will take care of the rest, and we will be glad we did right.

Why is love important to you?
Love is health, wealth, companionship, and just a good feeling.

How does love affect your creativity?
Anger and negative emotions are not organized feelings scientifically. They create chaos and destruction. Love and positive emotions are organizing feelings and help us to focus, create, and flourish.

Did you ever need help with love?
I always do.

Are you understanding love?
I am learning.

Can love affect you to change?
Love encourages change, risk, and wonderment. It helps us to feel strong enough to make fools out of ourselves and thus create new ways of being, new inventions, literary works, art, dance, music, etc.

Has love lost or gained meaning for you?
Love has gained enormous meaning for me.

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Award-winning poet and professor Marcielle Brandler is a TV producer, seminar director, public speaker, and college educator. Her book of poems and CD by the same title, The Breathing House, are available on Marcielle’s humanitarian work raising money for many groups goes back to the eighties. She created and teaches seminars on attracting success, writing, and publishing. She appears in 2005-2012 Who’s Who in the World, and 2003-04 Who’s Who of American Women. She obtained her master’s degree in professional writing and poetry in 1994. Her poems have been translated into Czech, French, Arabic, and Spanish, and published internationally. While in Buenos Aires, she finished her book of poems, The Breathing House, and read her work there. Her latest book, Fun with Grammar: A Workbook for All of Us is available on For more information, see Marcielle’s websites:

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