My Interview with Autism in Love Director Matt Fuller

MattFullerMatt Fuller

Who first told you about love?
I don’t ever really remember anyone telling me about love. I just remember the feeling.

What does love mean to you?
Love is the word I use to describe a feeling in my body; an overwhelming connection, deep admiration, and attraction.

Where do you see love in your life?
I see love every day in my life. I see it with the woman I’m in love with, in my work, with my family and friends, and with coffee. I love coffee.

When do you think love happens?
I think love happens in the moment when you’re brave enough to become completely emotionally naked and show the world who you are.

Why is love important to you?
In the end, isn’t it the ultimate currency? All we want, do, work for, and achieve is ultimately for love.

How does love affect your creativity?
If I don’t feel love, it’s very difficult – if not impossible – for me to create. I thrive on connection and support. If that’s not around, I have a hard time doing anything else.

Did you ever need help with love?
Absolutely! To love requires vulnerability, and that’s difficult for me. When all of the love we’ve received in our life feels like it’s come from being a certain person (who may or may not be EXACTLY who we really are), it’s very threatening to let someone into to see your shadows. But, to really love someone, and be loved, you’ve got to be willing to share the shadows and the sunshine.

Are you understanding love?
I sure think so.

Can love affect you to change?
Whether it’s love for myself, another person, or a cause, I really think the only reason I’ve changed anything in my life is because of love. If fear is paralysis, then love is nuclear energy.

Has love lost or gained meaning for you?
The more I love, the more it means to me. When I was a boy, love felt like a luxury. As a man, I know that love is an essential part of the human experience.

More about Matt Fuller:

Raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Matt discovered his passion and talent for filmmaking early in life.

While still in high school, Matt started his own production company – Chauncy Productions, Inc. – a company dedicated to compelling stories while embracing local communities to affect change. Working hand in hand with the Boys and Girls Club of America, Matt produced & directed several short films about drunk driving & road rage that would soon be incorporated into state-wide high school curriculum.

After graduating with a degree in Film from the University of Central Florida, Matt moved to Los Angeles, beginning an exciting career in the motion picture industry. First working as a Production Assistant on the Sony thriller, Vacancy, Matt soon met his mentor, director Nelson McCormick. Matt worked as the director’s assistant on two Sony feature films, Prom Night and Stepfather, before moving into story development.

Upon joining MBST Entertainment, Matt worked with seasoned producers Scott Kroopf and Larry Brezner as a Creative Executive. He soon rose to become the Director of Film and Television Development where he supervised the production of Warner Brothers’ Arther (Russell Brand) and Relativity’s Limitless (Bradley Cooper).

In the fall of 2011, Matt revived his passion for directing, dedicating himself to compelling narrative & documentary films that challenge him professionally while supporting the betterment of his community.

[Taken from the Autism in Love project web page,]