My Interview with Actor and Host Adrian Bustamante

 AdrianAdrian Bustamante

Who first told you about love?
I first learned about love from TV. The show was actually “The Wonder Years.” Whinnie Cooper, man that girl was a heartbreaker.

What does love mean to you?
Love to me means caring for something or someone unconditionally. You would drop everything for them or it. I feel like the word is used a little freely nowadays.

Where do you see love in your life?
I see love everywhere (thankfully). In my job, in my family, and in the woman I am in love with.

When do you think love happens?
I think love happens when you find something you can’t or would not want to live without. It happens as soon as we are born with our parents. You just know when you find the right person in your life, and so on.

Why is love important to you?
I think love is necessary; without love we have an empty existence.

How does love affect your creativity?
I LOVE what I do; I am always excited to get up for work and always excited to expand on my craft. If I didn’t love what I do, there would be no way to keep doing what I do.

Did you ever need help with love?
When I went through my first heartbreak, yes, I reached out to some friends and family. But, thankfully, you realize as you get older it just happens sometimes and can be a part of life.

Are you understanding love?
I feel like I have a good grasp on love.

Can love affect you to change?
Oh yeah, in work and in life it can affect change all the time. I have changed my profession because of love and I have moved for love.

Has love lost or gained meaning for you?
It continually is gaining meaning for me. I think as we get older, we understand love more and more.

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