My Interview with Actress La’ Princess Jackson

Princess JacksonPrincess Jackson

Who first told you about love?
My wonderful mother.

What does love mean to you?
Love is a positive emotional investment in a person, place, or thing.

Where do you see love in your life?
I see love amongst my family & good friends. Love is energy and I feel the energy whenever I’m home for the holidays or receiving help from a friend… it’s everywhere… I can even feel it through a phone call!

When do you think love happens?
Personally, whether I’m receiving or giving the love, it happens everyday for me. I work in the toughest industry to sustain a career in, so support is needed every single day for me. My family & best friends wish me the best before each audition, callback, or shoot date. The phrase “good luck” never gets old to them & that is sincere love to me.

Why is love important to you?
When you’re able to love, that means you’ve reached a point where it should be unconditional. I’m not a fan of negativity… who is? When I feel bad energy, I’m quick to dismiss whatever or whoever is not quite fitting the bill. I only surround myself with positive people – no exception – which means the people in my life enjoy & love me for who I am. They have taken the time to get to know me & care for the things that mean the most to me. That type of love is extremely important to me.

How does love affect your creativity?
It brightens my spirits. When you say the word “love,” you automatically smile & feel alive. Therefore, when it comes to creativity, I’m able to go in with an open mind & bigger heart.

Did you ever need help with love?
No way! My parents gave me so much love as a child and throughout my life that as an adult, I now realize it just comes naturally. As much as some like to deny it, it truly is an emotion you cannot control.

Are you understanding love?
The older & more mature I become, I do get a better understanding of love. I’ve learned you must experience love before you fully understand it.

Can love affect you to change?
Oh yes, definitely! When it comes to love, you find yourself doing things you would NEVER do before in your life. My mother would always say, “Love will make you do crazy things!” Man, was she right! When you honestly love someone, compromising is never an issue for you in order to put a smile on the other person’s face. That’s the “Love Effect.”

Has love lost or gained meaning for you?
Love will always gain meaning for me. In a society where love has become twisted, it is very important that I stay true to my standards of love & recognize real love when I feel it.

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