Elliot Rodger – Revelations

Elliot Rodger is a perfect example of that "sense of entitlement" gone WILD! Very sad, riveting, and deeply disturbing! It is definitely time for a REAL "LOVE REVOLUTION" to redefine what it means to be loved in our culture! Love's revolution is like a revolver in the hands of an innocent lover, one who takes a bullet for the cause of another! Love is the Revolution! #thehandbookoflove #elliotrodger #santabarbra … [Read more...]

My Interview with Fashion Designer Altaf Maaneshia

Altaf Maaneshia How does it feel to be the first Pakistani designer based in New York City to be featured at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week? I feel great and I am happy that I will be representing a very positive image of Pakistan in one of the world’s biggest fashion week celebrations. I attended LA Fashion Week last year, and I thought your collection was one of the best! As a designer for women, what inspires your collections? I get inspiration from my surroundings. I like to make … [Read more...]

My Interview with Pop Star Jaysin Voxx

Tell me a little bit about your journey in Hollywood leading up to your new release. My journey has taken me all over the map. Discovering my voice was way more complex than I could have ever imagined. I feel more singers should spend time finding out what their voice truly is to become artists in music. I owe my whole swag and unrelenting drive to growing up in the Bay Area! The Bay really embodies what it means to grind and believe to achieve! I love your new song; it is says exactly who … [Read more...]